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5,420 backers pledged £102,430.53 on Kickstarter

IMPORTANT: Witchmarsh currently does not have a set release date, and the 2017 estimate may change depending on how the beta is received over summer 2017. Thanks for your patience Witchmarsh is an action RPG set in 1920s Massachusetts. Create and manage a team of investigators in a story-driven supernatural mystery. You can also pay by PayPal:

Raised in Kickstarter
£102,430.53 / 5,420 backers
Raised in BackerKit
£10,911.50 / 6,159 backers
Estimated Shipping Date: December 2017


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Coffee Fund
Buy a member of the team a strong cup of joe. Help us keep them caffeine levels up.
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Drifter (Pre-order)
A DRM-free digital copy of the game. Available on PC/Mac. ✚ Your choice of a Steam/GOG key, if we... more »
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Double Drifter (Pre-order)
2x Digital Copies of the game. Available on PC/Mac. ✚ Your choice of 2x Steam/GOG/Humble keys, if... more »
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Pre-order Supreme (Pre-order)
4x Digital Copies of the game. Available on PC/Mac. ✚ Gold Beta Keys. Test the game before it's r... more »
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Quadruple Drifter (Pre-order)
4x Digital copies. None of the extras.